Talent Contest


I. You can be any age and cosplay from any media form to enter Tsurucon's talent contest!
II. We ask that if you have not signed up for the talent contest prior to the convention date that you do so at least two hours before the event.
III. Please ensure that your chosen talent does not conflict with Tsurucon's rules and limitations by reading over Tsurucon's Convention Policies.


I. Captivation (10 points)
     a. Did you keep the judges and the audience interested in your performance?
II. Originality (5 points)
     a. How extraordinary and unique is your performance?
III. Use of Time (5 points)
     a. How well do you utilise your 3 minutes on stage?
IV. Preparation (10 points)
     a. How prepared and polished is your performance?


I. Please review Tsurucon's Convention Policies before entering the contest
II. No nudity, profanity, or anything subject matter over a PG rating
III. Contestants may only enter once; in a group or individually
IV. Groups may be no larger than 6 people.
V. Performances may be no longer than 3 minutes
VI. All weaponry/props MUST conform to the Tsurucon Weapon Policy. No exceptions with be allocated.
VII. No pyrotechnics, fireworks or any skit props that have the potential to damage the property.
VIII. All stage fighting must be limited to half-speed, quarter strength.
IX. All sounding recordings must be submitted to Tsurucon at least 2 hours before the cosplay contest.
X. What goes on stage with you must also come off stage with you.
XI. All music files MUST be submitted to the DJ before 12:00pm the day of the convention. Files can be emailed to special_events@tsurucon.net or dropped off at the contest pre-registration table (located in Festival Hall) in USB format.
XII. If you have any additional questions, please contact special_events@tsurucon.net and we will respond promptly. You may also talk to the judges or contest coordinator prior to the event.