Cosplay Contest


I. We ask that if you have not signed up for the costume contest prior to the convention date that you do so at least two hours before the event.
II. Please make sure you attend prejudging! This is where Special Events staff with determine the categories of each contestant and ensure that you are satisfied with the music accompanying your catwalk.
III. Your costume does not have to be handmade to be entered into the Cosplay Catwalk! Anyone wearing a cosplay is eligible to enter!
IV. Individuals who have made their costumes will be eligible for additional prizes pertaining to craftsmanship (see full lists of prizes). Please be honest when asked questions by the judges as they are experts in their area of judging and want to ensure the contest is fun and fair for all contestants. We ask that if you have not signed up for the talent contest prior to the convention date that you do so at least two hours before the event.
V. By entering the Cosplay Catwalk, the contestant consents to the potential of having their likeness photographed, filmed or recorded by the audience, and Tsurucon staff.


I. All judges have been carefully selected to ensure objectivity and fairness. The judging process is overseen by Tsurucon Special Events staff in order to ensure fairness. All scores and processes related to judging are confidential, as well as any information you supply to the judges during the scoring process.
II. Cosplay Catwalk contestants are required to attend prejudging prior to the Cosplay Catwalk event.
III. The Cosplay Catwalk score is based upon aspects such as authenticity, preparation, and quality of costume.


I. Please review Tsurucon's Convention Policies before entering the contest.
II. Walk-ons are not permitted during the Talent Contest.
III. No nudity, profanity, or anything subject matter over a PG rating.
IV. It is imperative that you attend pre-judging as this is when the bulk of your craftsmanship score is decided as it is an opportunity for the judges to see your costume up close and discuss your process with you. Pre-judging is MANDATORY and there will be NO EXCEPTIONS.
V. Contestants may only enter once; in a group of individually.
VI. Performances may be no longer than 2 minutes.
VII. All weaponry/props MUST conform to the Tsurucon Weapon Policy. No exceptions with be allocated.
VIII. No pyrotechnics, fireworks or any skit props that have the potential to damage the property.
IX. All stage fighting must be limited to half-speed, quarter strength.
X. All sounding recordings must be submitted to Tsurucon at least 2 hours before the cosplay contest.
XI. Please be honest when discussing which aspects of your costume you have constructed or had help with.
XII. The judges will be provided with reference material as required but contestants are STRONGLY encouraged to bring in their own references that were utilised during their cosplay construction process.
XIII. What goes on stage with you must also come off stage with you.
XIV. If you have any additional questions please contact and we will respond promptly or talk to the judges or contest coordinator prior to the event.