Panel Registration

Panel Registration closes on the 8th of April 2017

Tsurucon 2017 Panelist Terms and Conditions [PDF]

This contract between Tsurucon (“TSURUCON”) and the signee(s) (“PANELIST”) will become valid upon written acceptance. It is based on the terms set forth below. The information contained within the following contract may be established, updated or amended at the discretion of Tsurucon.

General Guidelines

1) PANELIST must provide a detailed description of the content of their panel during the submission process, should the content presented in the submission form conflict with the content observed during the panel, PANELIST will not be allowed to present at future events hosted by TSURUCON.

2) The content of PANELIST’s presentation must be appropriate for the age category it is placed in. Coarse language, excessive violence, nudity and/or partial nudity are not acceptable if the panel is rated as ‘General Audiences’.

3) PANELIST must check in no later than 1 hour prior to the start of their presentation. PANELIST must accompany all assistants when they pick up their pass to verify eligibility.

4) There is a minimum 30-minute break between panels. PANELIST will arrive early to ensure that all equipment required for the presentation is set up and is in working order prior to the start time of the panel.

5) PANELIST will finish the content of their presentation by the listed end time.

6) PANELIST will engage in appropriate behavior towards all volunteers, attendees, staff members, and any members of the general public. Failure to do so may result in PANELIST being ejected and banned from presenting at future events held by TSURUCON.

7) PANELIST and all assistants must be at least 18 years of age if their presentation is deemed ‘18+’. No exceptions.
    a. All attendees at 18+ presentations are required to provide a piece of photo ID before they will be granted entrance to the room/area.

8) PANELIST is responsible and accountable for the actions of all assistants and persons involved in the running of their panel.


9) PANELIST is expected to run their presentation at the scheduled time. Should PANELIST be unable to run the presentation, they must notify the panels coordinator at prior to April 23 rd, 2017 with a valid reason, failure to do so may result in PANELIST being banned from presenting at future events held by TSURUCON. All cancellations are handled on a case by case basis.

Discount Policy

10) PANELIST and 1 listed primary assistant are entitled to a discounted pass to TSURUCON 2017 for the entire event, the price of this pass is $7.50
a. If PANELIST and assistant have purchased a pre-registration pass they will be reimbursed for $7.50
b. If PAENLIST submits and is approved for 2 or more panels, they will not receive any additional discounts.

11) PAENLIST may have up to 10 assistants, however only the host and primary assistant are entitled to the discount described above.


12) Equipment needs will be addressed on a case by case basis and requested equipment is always subject to availability, ultimately it is the responsibility of PANELIST to provide any and all required equipment to ensure the success of their presentation.


13) TSURUCON reserves the right to approve, deny, reschedule, or cancel any presentation at any time as TSURUCON deems fit.

14) TSURUCON accepts no responsibility or liability for the content of presentations hosted by its attendees, nor does TSURUCON extend any form of legal protection to PANELIST. PANELIST is entirely responsible for ensuring the legality and safety of the content presented in their presentation.