More detailed contest information will be posted later.

Cosplay Catwalk

The Cosplay Catwalk is where you can display your costumes and props in front of an array of judges and an audience! Have a ton of fun, receive hard-earned recognition, and win prizes!

Talent Showcase

Show off your skills, skits, and secret talents at the Talent Showcase! Contestants will perform in front of a live audience for a chance to win awesome prizes!

Last Minute Cosplay Challenge

Join us for the ultimate test of cosplay resourcefulness! In this fun competition, teams will have a time limit to make a cosplay out of materials such as cardboard and duct tape!

Mr. and Mrs. Tsurucon

Tape a number on your back and let the whole world know you're fabulous! The winners of this contest are chosen by the convention attendees! They'll also receive some fabulous crowns and some serious bragging rights. Pre-registration not available, register on the day of the event.