Thank You

Goodbye & Thank you

It is with heavy hearts that we as the Tsurucon Executive Team have decided to no longer continue officiating Tsurucon. It has been an absolute pleasure these past five years meeting so many of you and putting on this event. Each of us will cherish the memories that we have made being a part of Tsurucon for the rest of our lives. Although Tsurucon has been a success, the amount of work that it takes to run a convention, no matter the size, is a heavy burden. As most of our key Executive members move on to other chapters in their lives, we found that we had perhaps reached the final chapter of Tsurucon. The decision we made to not continue was one of the most difficult that we have had to make. We would like to sincerely thank each and every patron that has ever attended Tsurucon, each of you made all the time and effort we have put into this organization unbelievably worth it. With kindest regards,
The Tsurucon Executive Team


Below are a few goodbye messages from our Staff

“It's been an amazing ride and adventure with you all! The energy and passion that everyone brought to the con really really brought me back to my first early years of convention life. Being a part of Tsurucon staff allowed me to be front in center in the contagious positivity and creativity that you, the community, brought. Thank you for giving this opportunity. Even though we're closing this chapter, I hope to see all of you continue to grow and flourish in the Alberta convention community. I've made priceless memories in my time with Tsurucon and I hope that you can say the same”
Linda Yan
TsuruCatfe Coordinator

“Thank you to the community for their support, especially those who got involved with hosting and participating in panels. I hope that you continue to stay involved with the Alberta con community, and continue to be the most important part of what makes organizing cons so special and rewarding for me.”
Robert Szustakowski
Programming Director

“I'd like to say thank you for making my time as an attendee and as an executive a fun and positive experience!"
Kaysha Biggins
External Programming Director

“This was the first year I spent as Tsurucon staff, and I feel incredibly lucky to have participated in its last year. The people I met both amongst staff and attendees made all of the hard work put into it, worth it and reminded me that Red Deer has an amazing community despite its size. Both the experience and the people are something I can't put into words, but am so deeply grateful for; and while Tsurucon may not continue, I hope that the Red Deer anime community continues to prosper and advance.”
Paige Mulder
TsuruCatfe Staff

“Thank you to everyone who came out and supported us and our event. The love from the community kept us going and I can't thank them enough for truly making the event what it was. I hope the event we created was one that brought you great memories and laughter and I truly hope you'll be able to experience even more of those memories through other Alberta conventions. All the love.”
AC Red
Community & Outreach Coordinator

“It is sad that Tsurucon must come to an end, but we will never forget the great memories and opportunities that arose from it. I know myself, and everyone who attended had the chance to meet many wonderful people and create fantastic new memories that we won't soon forget. It was a blast getting to work with the wonderful staff of Tsurucon and all the attendees. Thank you to the community for all your support over the years, and thank you to everyone who dedicated their time in order to make this wonderful event happen!”
Skyler Gordon
Registration Coordinator

“I would truly like to thank everyone that played a part in our success. It feels like it was such a long time ago that myself and a small group of high school students decided that putting on an anime convention was a brilliant idea. A half of a decade later, I find myself at the end of this adventure. Although it may feel a little bittersweet, I am truly excited for what else life has in store. Officiating Tsurucon brought so much into my life and it was an absolute pleasure to bring the anime convention scene to Red Deer.”
Brittanie Penner
Tsurucon President